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How to submit your portfolio

Raw Art Made offers an exhibition and sales online platform for artists whose work falls within the evolving and mutable scope of raw art (art brut) and outsider art, with no formal and/or academic training in the field of Fine Arts required. To obtain an artist profile in our platform, the process is simple: you should send a brief biography, an author's photograph and images of some of the most representative works (high resolution images) to

Your submission will be carefully analyzed by Raw Art Made's curatorial team and the result will be communicated to you by e-mail within 7 days. If the submission is approved and with the agreement of both parties, an artist profile will be created on the platform and the prices of the works attributed in coherence with both the artist's wishes and the wider context of the national artistic market. Also, the number of pieces per author on the platform is subject to appreciation by the team.


The inclusion and permanence in the platform is entirely free of charge, as well as adherence to any additional Raw Art Made initiatives.

All revenues from sales made through the platform will be divided according to the following percentages: 70% for the artist, 30% for Raw Art Made in order to ensure the maintenance and running costs of our platform.

Upon completion of the sale, the author is notified and compensated for his percentage up to three weeks after a good collection from the entity by the buyer. Raw Art Made will take care of the delivery or shipment process of the works. 

All works sold through our platform will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to be hand signed by the artist.