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Who We Are

RAW ART MADE is a cultural entity for professional and psychosocial inclusion through art founded in 2020 by the Portuguese artist and designerCarolina Quirino. Our main operation is the sale of original works of art through the online, although we also hold physical exhibitions and various artistic and cultural activities parallel and announced in a timely manner.



We firmly believe in an artistic market with greater accessibility, sustainability and diversity, hence our motto, We Democratize Art . Our curatorial focus is on crude art (art brut) oroutsider, that is, we develop activities for mapping, aggregating and promoting the art of those who, whether they are people without official artistic training, with pathologies, with disabilities or in other circumstances that exclude them from equitable participation in the official art circuits oru mainstream, are marginalizeda priori and made invisible. On the contrary, at Raw Art Made, we are committed to the recognition and empowerment of these artists for their professional and human value, without stigma or exclusion, regardless of their formal and academic training; and, thus, we seek to exert a dynamic influence in this segment of the artistic market in Portugal by facilitating a direct link between artists and potential buyers who want to support them in an easy, fair and transparent way.



Our democratizing mission is aimed at artists and audiences and begins with a fair distribution of all sales revenue within our platform and events: 70% for the artist, 30% for Raw Art Made, in order to ensure our maintenance and operating costs.

To the public , we provide the opportunity to support our artists on their path of self-legitimation, keeping prices affordable for buyers with moderate budgets, but always ensuring the high quality of the artworks available. In this sense, all works sold through our platform are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist by hand.

To the artists , we offer the possibility of being part of a democratic and inclusive project of online exhibition and sale of his works, submitting his portfolios for appreciation by our curatorial team in order to obtain an artist profile at Raw Art Made. For more information, see the submission rules on the tab“Submissions”.