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"For me nothing is more abstract.

In fact, I believe that there is nothing more surreal, nothing more abstract than reality.”

– Giorgio Morandi


To make art, you need an artist. And because the announced death of the arts has been around us since the last century, much has been questioned about what is or is not art. But along the way, we risk neglecting what is more important: that art is the direct repercussion of the artist; and that, while asking ourselves about a question to which we hope never to find an answer, we can lose sight of the artistic enjoyment itself the emotion of seeing, reliving and feeling.

The artists who are part of this platform are people. We are all people. To state this seems obvious, redundant, even ridiculous. It seems, but it is not. These people are stigmatized because they contain some factor that society considers to be atypical compared to the "norm". For this reason, they are excluded from realizing their artistic, cultural, human and social potential, and are systematically marginalized. These are artists with the right to be recognized, to follow a path of self-legitimation on their own merit, and to have opportunities to show their innate value or, above all, the result of their hard work and increased resilience. To participate in the art world without needing to fit into any of the "isms".

Our democratizing mission is based on a curatorial approach to the sale of art online, in parallel with other artistic and cultural initiatives, in which discernment and rigor are combined with the conviction that no art is trulyoutsider. Whichever term we use to describe it: neuve-invention, naïf, vernacular, marginal, self-taught, folk, trauma, visionary, virgin... Terms that evolve so quickly and are destined for different fields as they blend and become uniform in the illusory promise of an evolution of art through art, the art available on our platform responds to a pure, cathartic creation impulse and authentic that, so often, is considered "inconvenient" in a highly coded, elitist and inaccessible artistic and institutional circuit.l.

More than ever, we are witnessing a growing awareness that the transformative power of art is not a mere utopian narrative, but something that has a concrete impact, for example, in the prevention, management and treatment of mental and other illnesses, in rehabilitation and social integration or, in general, in promoting the well-being and empowerment of people and communities. As such, we invite all those who visit us to make a difference today, because this is a collective path, in which together we can imagine and contribute to these accessible futures, with the same human and professional rights for all artists, whether they are mentally ill, people with disabilities, prisoners, or others socially marginalized. We believe in the power of being face to face, without interference, and in second chances; in fact, for almost everyone, this will be a first opportunity. 


RAW ART MADE. 2020 July 28